Thursday, 1 March 2012

Rose and the yew tree

Agatha Christie- known as a mystery/ crime queen has written this novel ‘The rose and the yew tree’.

  This is not one of her usual work; there is not crime or mysteries involved in this book. It is a complete version of romance. Painful romance would be a better word. You may not have come across this book in the list of her works because this is written by her under the pseudo name ‘Mary Westmacott’. The way she has picturised the key character Isabella is astonishing. It is an interesting ride till the very end.

‘rose’ in the title of this book actually describes the key character who hates the rose but in the end her life turns out be like one. The justification for the title of the book which comes along the story is beautiful. Precise naming,  beautiful story telling, the way every lose knot is knitted up and completed is worth mentioning. In one word it is an amazing work.

This novel has found a permanent place in my heart. No matter how many work I will/had come across in my life, 'The rose and the yew tree' will always be my all time/life favorite. A must read novel.
Hope you’ll love it.

Score: 4.8/5

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